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Inland Smart Home Kit w/ PLUS Board

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Smart Home Kit w/ PLUS Board

Smart home is the trend in the future. Imagine that you lie on the sofa and control everything with an ordinary cellphone. So incredible! The curtains can be switched automatically, the water temperature can turn into temperate mode when youre ready for a cozy bath. Alternatively, you could obtain the distinct light scene in your home. I believe that you cant wait to live life like this. In this lesson, we simulate the smart home to make a DIY smart home kit with Arduino software. Follow us to enjoy the joy of DIY!

What's in the Box
PLUS Control Board, Sensor Shield, Wooden Board, White LED Module, Yellow LED Module, 2x Button Sensor, Photocell Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, WQ-2 Gas Sensor, Relay Module, Bluetooth HM-10 Module, Passive Buzzer Sensor, Fan Module, Steam Sensor, 2x Servo Motors, Display Module, Humidity Sensor, USB Cable, 40x Female to Female Dupont Lines, 6x Male to Female Dupont Lines, 25x M3 Nickel Plated Nuts, 6x M2x12MM Round Head Screws, 6x M2 Nuts, 4x M3x10MM Copper Pillars, 8x M3x6MM Round Head Scres, 4x M3 304 Steel Nuts, 20x M3x10MM Round Head Scres, 7x M2.5x10MM Round Head Screws, 6x M2.5 Nickel Plated Nuts, 6x m3x12MM Round Head Screws, 2x M3x10MM Flat Head Screws, 10x M1.2x5MM Round Head Screws, AA Battery Holder, Screwdriver, 13x 3 Pin F-F Jumper Wires, 2x 4 Pin F-F Jumper Wires



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