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MHP30 PD Hot Plate Preheater

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  • MHP30 Mini Hot Plate Preheater is an ultra-mini smart constant temperature hot plate with pocket size;
  • MHP30 has a small and exquisite appearance, with a square tower shape and a total height of only 5.2cm (2 inches);
  • It eliminates redundancy, retains sufficient effective heating area, greatly saves energy and heating time;
  • MHP30 controller and hot plate can be flexibly separated and replaced;The controller is equipped with an OLED display and two physical buttons (on the back);
  • A pair of support feet at the bottom can be spread out to better support the whole station;
  • The hot plate's heating body is made of brass with nano-ceramic coating, smooth on surface and evenly heated;
  • When using 65W PD power supply, it only takes 150 seconds to heat from 26°C room temperature to 300°C;
  • The controller has a built-in true color LED that changes color with the rises and falls of the temperature, letting you know the warm and cold at a glance;
  • MHP30 also has smart modes such as preset temperature, tilt protection, power wake-up and automatic sleep;
  • Users can set to turn on or off these functions according to their needs.



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